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R.A.: Music

On Foot (One Foot In, One Foot Out)


from Mutamassik's "Symbols Follow" vinyl Lp (2015, Discrepant)
All tracks & instrument (drumkit, percussion, bass, keys, turntables, cello, plectrum) performed, produced, written, mixed & engineered by Mutamassik for Sa'aidi Hardcore Productions/KMT BBB USA at G.G.S.S./Rocca AlMileda
Turntable scratch from Muhal Richard Abrams' "Lifeablinec"
Cover Art (front): "S. Sudanese Solar/Lunar Panel Hedjet: The Last Shall Be The First";
(back): "Ancient Sample"; Liner (front): "Kyrollosadat: Law of Excluded Middle"; Liner (back): "Amid Debris: Hebron Tetawwar" & Texts by G. Loli
Mastering: Rashad Becker
"Plosive polyrhythmic instinct deep cut with ancient future inscriptions fashioned by hand -- unfashionably -- beveled metal revealing wood grain anima(l). Proof of origin. Lines of red paint on volcanic rock. Syncopathic shimmering soundtrack + magnetic tension. Symph slam somber chroma + hymns. Melancholic and sanguine and faith. Purposeful Anachronism for new dance. New spirituals." G. Loli