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Morgan Craft. Giulia Loli.: Text

Morgan Craft 'Power of Won' - January 31, 2016

"The general shift to a society guided and shaped by a black box master algorithm is almost complete. But at what gain?"

Mutamassik on Muhal Richard Abrams - June 1, 2015

"...No irony for the sake of, no fashionable nihilism, no cheeky conceptualism.  On the contrary, the glorification of life, the natural wisdom of which includes the cyclical destruction of form...Fashion is irrelevant.  Reverence to the form, is irreverence to the Essence."

Mutamassik 'Symbols Follow' Liner Notes and Art - April 6, 2015

"Creativity = Vision = Vision = seeing what is Unseen = Unseen = Spirit = Spirit = Creativity"

Mutamassik 'Rekkez' Liner Notes - August 14, 2012

"Broken Record--

Morgan Craft 'On Greatness' - June 2, 2012


"...if the world today, with its continued violence, greed, disease,depression, inequality, ennui, etc., is the accumulated result of the good grossly outweighing the great, then perhaps it’s time to demand a recalibration."




Giulia Loli P.E.I. (Personal Efficiency Index) - March 8, 2012

from "P.E.I." by Giulia Loli

'"Frugal Innovation", the hot new business phrase slung around by behemoth corporations such as Siemens (and other Economist economists), is quickening the pulse of suits and ties worldwide.  Further proof that there is something powerful in reduction...maybe even magical...or maybe, rather un-magically, they are accepting what they know to be unavoidable.  From a comfortable distance, they keep their lecherous buzzard eyes on what brilliant creations the leaner and meaner are conjuring up from their unassuming basket of tools. 

  They are no different than my peers in the music industry who want the revolutions that created ground-breaking art, music and culture without the oft shitty-but-fertile soil out of which they blossomed..."


1.  P.E.I. (Personal Efficiency Index): a note to the Good Livers

2.  From "Inconvenient Truth" to Existential Dilemma:  No Political Solution without Spiritual Resolution

3.  Morality Graphs, Conscience Indicators and other Unsavory Pies

4.  Even those of us Below the Radar are On the Grid/ From the Other Side of the 'Developed' World/ Compli-City

5.  Diagnosis & Treatment of the Symptom-based Disorders in "The Age of Austerity"/ Incentives, Benefits and Mutual Growth 

6.  The Power of Reduction and the Spiritual Payoff

7.  The Misplaced Energy of the Well-Fed Masses: Black Nobility, Diaper Genies and the Myth of Sisyphus


Morgan Craft article by Michael Kaplan - December 17, 2011

"What initially drew my attention was a short essay of his posing as a letter that I came across in The Wire, subsequently quoted and included in George E. Lewis’ seminal book, ‘A Power Stronger Than Itself’. In it, Craft lays out his rather militant observation of a missing black American avant-garde, placing the blame equally between the new generation of musicians content on rehashing old forms and an institutional system seemingly committed to narrowing and isolating black American genius. I agreed with much of his thesis and found it refreshing to read such honest criticism. I wanted to know more so I peeled back another layer."

Mutamassik That Which Death Cannot Destroy Liner Notes - February 15, 2010

Giulia Loli Mutamassik De-Nile - July 11, 2009

originally published 2005 at

Republished at


"1) Egypt: a Brief thought on North African colonialism or "de-Nile" of/to Vulcanize or Afro-Asiatic Mokkassar

North Africa is under the Arab umbrella now. Egypt, for example, has officially been the 'Arab republic of Egypt' since 1971, 1300 years after the original Arab invasion...

the original colonialist became the colonialized to become once again the colonialist..."

Morgan Craft Black Equation - June 2, 2009

as quoted in George Lewis' seminal book, "A Power Stronger Than Itself" (University of Chicago Press)


"...The genesis springs from looking at a magazine devoted to challenging, progressive musics from around the world, and seeing their top 50 list for last year and the only black Americans were a rapper, and a jazz man who has been dead for over 30 years. So I bring up this observation about the lack of a black American presence on the avant garde scene under the age of fifty just to see if maybe I’m not paying attention. I’m constantly fed this steady stream of future thinking folks from Germany, Japan, New Zealand, U.K., Australia, Norway, etc. but when it comes to America all I hear about is the genius that is free folk or if it’s black it must be hip hop, jazz or long dead. How many more articles on Albert Ayler do we really need? That isn’t a diss, I love Ayler but… And as far as hip hop being the future of black American music, well, let’s just say that the things Ornette, Butch Morris, Cecil Taylor, Anthony Braxton, Henry Threadgill, etc talk about, are not the same things that any rapper or producer that I know is talking about. (The exception being perhaps RZA five years ago) And believe me, I’m looking, I’m listening. I really want to eat these words..."

Mutamassik G. Loli African-Descended Womens' Hair: “Wouldn't-Be-Caught-Dead” (as seen at Obama’s Inauguration Party)/ An Egypt of Elvis Adoration by - May 18, 2009

All present at Obama’s Inauguration. All processed.

Mutamassik's LETTER TO SCRATCH MAGAZINE - November 1, 2006

"Here's one theory for why there aren't more women producers: from an early age, it is proved to a girl over and over that alot of doors open for her just by looking good..."

Mutamassik Bidoun Mix original, printed in Dubai by misdxb official track list + notes - January 7, 2005

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