...radical...an impressively wide range of sound for a solo player who improvises his recordings." ” - Edwin 'STATS' Houghton


“’The Living Mythology’ is music -- expressive sound -- that's both mysterious and comforting, though it departs from conventions to explore what's possible. Impressively performed, the command of the pace is also gratifying; Iistening, I am intrigued...” - Howard Mandel
The pieces are certainly not intellectual exercises in arcane equations, they are communiqués from deep space, or inner space, and somehow manage to evoke a definite emotional landscape. There are moments of real abstraction, where untethered, un-definable bass pressures slip through harmonic dust clouds.  Oblique rhythms mass, dissipate, and interact with space stuff without ever losing their sense of story.  The variety of textures and sheer inner complexity of the tracks all but demolish the notion that you are listening to a solo music.  If I didn’t know better I’d swear it was a hip new band, maybe out of Brooklyn or London, surely not a lone guitarist improvising on a mountain.  What’s also easy to forget, when you find yourself immersed in his ocean of sound, with no discernible signs that you are in fact listening to a guitar, is that at bottom Craft is an incredibly seasoned player, a real musician’s musician.  ” - Michael Kaplan

Burning Ambulance

...In this indeed highly original performance, he recorded loops of sounds, both harmonic and noisy, live played on his quitar and stacked new layers on top of it, including using a early 00s discman which transmitted hip hop beats to the pickup via headphones. He kept alternately adding and replacing elements so that the sound body organically evolved into an organic being able to propel itself. At several moments, Craft laid down his guitar and walked off the stage like a Leibnizian deity, resting after masterfully winding up the clockwork of the universe, now running itself in perfect harmony.” - Victor E.

Generation Bass

Ike Turner and Bootsy Collins both answered Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, as did BS guitarist emeritus Morgan Craft.  Three of the funkiest brothers in the world need to hear they can go their own way, go figure.” - Greg Tate

The Village Voice

About MORGAN CRAFT'S 'Adagio'- "Mournful anthemic lone-wolf stunt guitar from an Afro-Viking Minnesotan. "First World" electronic improvisation as resourceful as "Third World", using all parts of the animal(broken strings, cable tips, amp tubes, back springs, machine heads, pickup pole pieces, etc) to steer electricity to new spacious sound frontiers. Think long distance truckin' through an echoing wasteland. A beauty.”


On Morgan Craft, "Guitar Craftsman": "...weirdly refreshing...genuinely otherwordly... http://www.thewire.co.uk/in-writing/themire/20606/guitar-craftsman ” - Derek Walmsley

The Wire

Guitar virtuoso Morgan Craft’s solo performance sucks the room into a vacuum of prickly tension. With flammable shards of guitar feedback, Craft asserts an primordial dominance with deceptive sleight of hand. It’s almost as if the stage is cut off by a one-way mirror, with the audience bearing witness to a highly cathartic self-exorcism.” - Jasper Willems

Louder Than War