about Symbols Follow: ...After having gained a reputation as a skilled turntablist, Italo-egyptian composer Giulia Loli aka Mutamassik blows out in the tube of thought-provoking and heart-rending listening...Mutamassik's creativity intertwines with evocative spiritual visions that result in sonic streams where a selection of a few sounds comes alive by means of masterfully crafted textures.” - Vito Cammaretta

Chain D.L.

Before the sounds of the Middle East became de rigueur sampling materials for hip-hop, Mutamassik was exploring ways of fusing various sounds and styles into a compelling, challenging whole, shards a-flying all the while.”” - Wayne Marshall


http://www.dangerousminds.net/comments/marching_music_for_21st_century_rebellion_mutamassiks_that_/ Mutamassik’s 13-track That Which Death Cannot Destroy was one of 2010’smost under-recognized releases in underground music.” - Ron Nachmann

Dangerous Minds

About MUTAMASSIK's 'Masri Mokkassar: Definitive Works'- "This is inhuman, brutal, awesome breakcore.” - Derek Walmsley

The Wire

about Mutamassik's "Rekkez": ...uneasy...uncompromising...unapologetic"   ” - Sam Davies

— The Wire

about 'Rekkez':  "...a sobering shock...pounding polyrhythmic beats as hard as anything you’ll find, bass tones shaking you at a molecular level, a cornucopia of traditional and classical stringed instruments lost in the trance...Loli applies the culture shock directly to you via jumper cables. Crushing, stunning work...Mutamassik is operating at a whole new level here, and it would behoove you to get on it." (Doug Mosurock)” - Doug Mosurock

Still Single

about "Rekkez": ...From the first 808 bass drum hit of the opening track, Mutamassik — Arabic for tenacity — establishes herself as a pioneering force in the global electro scene, deftly maneuvering the space between tradition and innovation, acoustic and digital, familiar and unexpected...” - zeph

Okay Africa

Dans un melange d'electronique et de hip-hop, Mutamassik s'engage dans la reconstruction des . Arabesque, melopees de minarets se croisent dans un magma de sons urbains, structures par d'impressionants alliages rhythmiques." 1998 http://www.lemonde.fr/archives/article/1999/04/16/trois-voix-nouvelles-bousculent-la-scene-des-musiques-electroniques_3562493_1819218.html?xtmc=mutamassik&xtcr=8” - Veronique Mortaigne

Le Monde

Mutamassik's pounding Egyptian hip-hop breaks...are serious, sacred, steadfast marching music for the new international breakbeat generation.” - Ron Nachmann


The headiness of the treated strings and clattering percussion sets her mixes apart from anyone culling beats.” - Owen Strock

CMJ New Music Report

about "High Alert 12"(featuring 4th Pyramid from Definitive Jux Presents, Vol. 3) "...This frightening soundscape is... combined with distinctly Mutamassikian bass-drum thumps. You get the feeling this is an aural tour of how the other side lives, those with war dominating their tank-laden streets. Harkening back to turntable innovator Christian Marclay, though conceptually "heavier" than he tends to be, Mutamassik drops subtle reminders of the mere existence of Third World struggle in these songs -- an unfamiliar, uncomfortable and frightening reality that most music-buying Americans would rather ignore.” - Nick Stillman

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