Morgan Craft 'Power of Won'

"The general shift to a society guided and shaped by a black box master algorithm is almost complete. But at what gain?"

Mutamassik on Muhal Richard Abrams

"...No irony for the sake of, no fashionable nihilism, no cheeky conceptualism.  On the contrary, the glorification of life, the natural wisdom of which includes the cyclical destruction of form...Fashion is irrelevant.  Reverence to the form, is irreverence to the Essence."

Mutamassik 'Rekkez' Liner Notes

"Broken Record--

Giulia Loli P.E.I. (Personal Efficiency Index)

from "P.E.I." by Giulia Loli

'"Frugal Innovation", the hot new business phrase slung around by behemoth corporations such as Siemens (and other Economist economists), is quickening the pulse of suits and ties worldwide.  Further proof that there is something powerful in reduction...maybe even magical...or maybe, rather un-magically, they are accepting what they know to be unavoidable.  From a comfortable distance, they keep their lecherous buzzard…

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Morgan Craft article by Michael Kaplan

"What initially drew my attention was a short essay of his posing as a letter that I came across in The Wire, subsequently quoted and included in George E. Lewis’ seminal book, ‘A Power Stronger Than Itself’. In it, Craft lays out his rather militant observation of a missing black American avant-garde, placing the blame equally between the new generation of musicians content on rehashing old forms and an institutional system seemingly committed…

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Giulia Loli Mutamassik De-Nile

originally published 2005 at

Republished at


"1) Egypt: a Brief thought on North African colonialism or "de-Nile" of/to Vulcanize or Afro-Asiatic Mokkassar

North Africa is under the Arab umbrella now. Egypt, for example, has officially been the 'Arab republic of Egypt' since 1971, 1300 years after the original Arab invasion...


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Morgan Craft Black Equation

as quoted in George Lewis' seminal book, "A Power Stronger Than Itself" (University of Chicago Press)


"...The genesis springs from looking at a magazine devoted to challenging, progressive musics from around the world, and seeing their top 50 list for last year and the only black Americans were a rapper, and a jazz man who has been dead for over 30 years. So I bring up this observation about the lack of a black American presence on the…

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