Morgan Craft is a musician and writer born in New Brighton, Minnesota. He is a veteran of New York's progressive music scene of the mid 1990s and early 2000s.

He founded Circle Of Light Recordings in 2001. He has played with Butch Morris, Talib Kweli, Pete Cosey, Ikue Mori, Meshell Ndegeocello, Anton Fig, Beans, Muzz Skillings, Greg Osby, Rhodri Davies, Johnny Kemp, Marc Ribot, Christian Marclay, Simon H. Fell, Nona Hendryx, Carl Hancock Rux, Daniel Carter, Vernon Reid, Greg Tate.

He has released thirteen solo albums as well as numerous essays and articles.



"I Never Meta Guitar Four" / various (Clean Feed) 2017

"Circle of Light" / Morgan Craft (Circle of Light) 2016

"Black Project" / Morgan Craft (Circle of Light) 2016

"Power of Won" / Morgan Craft (Circle of Light) 2016

"The Living Mythology" / Morgan Craft (Circle of Light) 2015

"The Next Frontier" / Morgan Craft 2015

"R.A. Due: Metallum Gravis" / Morgan Craft & Mutamassik (TTT) 2014

"A Cycle of Seven" / Morgan Craft (Circle of Light) 2011

"Absence of Day and Night" / Morgan Craft (Circle of Light) 2010

"Morgenkraft" / Morgan Craft (Klanggold) 2010

"The Silver Bullet" / Morgan Craft (Clinical Archives) 2009

"Tilting Against A Paper Sky" / Morgan Craft (Dark Winter) 2009

"Swan" / Morgan Craft (Clinical Archives) 2008

"Hymen" / Morgan Craft (Trugroid) 2007

"Mysterium" / Morgan Craft, Daniel Carter & Eric Eigner (Eavesdrop) 2004

"Apothecary Rux" / Carl Hancock Rux (Giant Step) 2004

"Rough Americana" / Morgan Craft & Mutamassik (Circle Of Light) 2003

"The Rites" / Burnt Sugar with Butch Morris and Pete Cosey (AvantGroid) 2003

"Fubractive Since Antiquity Suite" / Burnt Sugar (Trugroid) 2003

"Black Sex Yall And Random Bloody Violets" / Burnt Sugar (Trugroid) 2003

"Quality" / Talib Kweli (MCA) 2002

"The Crepescularium" / Burnt Sugar (Trugroid) 2002

"Soul At The Hands Of The Machine" / Guillermo E. Brown (Thirsty Ear) 2002

"Adagio" / Morgan Craft (Circle Of Light) 2001

"The Sirens Return" / Burnt Sugar (Trugroid) 2001

"Blood On The Leaf" / Burnt Sugar (Trugroid) 2000



Giulia Loli aka Mutamassik is an artigianista, musician, producer.

Played cello & drums in punk/experimental/free jazz bands as a teenager in Pittsburgh while disciplining as a painter.   

Cut her teeth in New York City & Cairo in hip hop & jungle dj crews, as turntablist & producer.

Pioneered Baladi Breakbeat in 1995, that year founding Sa'aidi Hardcore Productions in Brooklyn and publishing/label KMT BBB USA.

Recently emerging from remote mountain forests of Italy into the Netherlands.

She runs her painting and music studio G.G.S.S/Rocca AlMileda, as both fixed and mobile in Brooklyn, Cairo, Tuscany & Amsterdam.

Plosive Polyrhythmic Instinct Deep Cut with Ancient Future Inscriptions fashioned by Hand, Unfashionably.
Purposeful Anachronism for New dance. New spirituals.

Has worked as producer and musician both live and in studio with David Byrne's Luaka Bop, Arto Lindsay, Musicians of the Nile, Ikue Mori, Marc Ribot, Joan Osborne, Butch Morris, Greg Tate, Elliott Sharp, Bachir Attar (Master Musicians of Jajouka), Kaffe Matthews, Fathy Salama, George Lewis, Leroy Jenkins, Hamid Drake, etc.



"Turnbulls" -Turnbulls (KTF) 2017

"Symbols Follow" -Mutamassik (Discrepant) 2015

"R.A. Due: Metallum Gravis" -Mutamassik & Morgan Craft (TTT) 2014

"Rekkez"-Mutamassik (ini.itu) 2012

"That Which Death Cannot Destroy" -Mutamassik(Sa'aidi Hardcore/KMT BBB USA) 2010

"Radiolarians Box Set" -Medeski, Martin & Wood remixes(Indirecto) 2009

"The Commo EP"- Mutamassik(RunRiotRecords) 2009

"Sequel"- George Lewis(Intakt) 2006

"Masri Mokkassar: Definitive Works"- Mutamassik(Sound-ink) 2005

"Mawlid el Nur" & "Amel" remixes for Transjoik(NCB) 2004

"Black Sex Y'all and Random Bloody Violets"- Burnt Sugar(Avantgroid) 2003

"The Rites" w/ Butch Morris, Pete Cosey- Burnt Sugar (Avantgroid) 2003

"High Alert" EP- Mutamassik(Sound-ink) 2003

"Rough Americana"- Dj Mutamassik & Morgan Craft (Circle of Light) 2003

"War Booty" 12"- Mutamassik(Soot) 2002

"Bidoun(Stateless)"dj mix- Mutamassik(mispresents, U.A.E.) 2002

"Colapsus"- V/A(Sound-ink) 2001

"Maqsoum" & "Meshy el Hal" w/ Fathy Salama(Les Disques Serieux) 2001

"Instrumental"- Suphala(Suphala) 1999

"Cultural Alchemy"- V/A(Soundlab) 1999

"Product 3"-V/A(Trumystic) 1998

"KMT Babomb USA-promo"- Mutamassik(Womanly Hips/Mercury) 1998

"Melting Pot"- remix for King Chango(Luaka Bop) 1998

"Wax Poetic"- Wax Poetic(Atlantic) 1998

"Hyper Civilizado remixes"- V/A(gutbounce/Rykodisc) 1997

"Body Machine"- Transglobal Underground remixes(Nation/MCA) 1997

"Mundo Civilizado"- Arto Lindsay(Warner Bros.) 1996


Select Concert Highlights:

Kammer Klang at Cafe Oto *London [U.K.], 2019
Wysing Polyphonic *Cambridge [U.K.], 2018
Serpentine Gallery for Arthur Jafa/Hans Ulrich Obrist *London [U.K.], 2017
StadtsTheater *Mainz [Germany], 2017
La Publika *San Sebastian [Spain], 2016
NME2 NYU *Abu Dhabi [U.A.E.], 2015
Maos Rache *Berlin [Germany], 2015
STEIM *Amsterdam [Netherlands], 2015
International Film Festival *Goteborg [Sweden], 2014
Recyclart *Brussels [Belgium], 2013
Downtown Cairo Arts Festival 1st edition *Cairo [Egypt] , 2012
Strom Festival *Copenhagen [Denmark], 2011
Mazaj Experimental Middle Eastern Music-Cafe Oto *London [U.K.], 2010
Jazz em Agosto *Lisbon [Portugal], 2009
Clandestino Festival *Gothenburg [Sweden], 2008
DNK *Amsterdam [Netherlands], 2008
Area Sismica *Forli' [Italy], 2006
New Bled *Paris [France], 2005
SWR Jazz *Baden Baden [Germany], 2004
Queen Elizabeth Hall *London [U.K.], 2003
Natjazz *Bergen [Norway], 2002
Bidoun mispresents 1st edition *Dubai [U.A.E.], 2001
Cairo Opera House *Cairo [Egypt], 2000
Transmusicales Festival *Rennes [France] 1999
Fujifilm Festival *Istanbul [Turkey], 1998
Brooklyn Anchorage *NYC [U.S.A.], 1996
Soundlab Haus of Ouch *NYC [U.S.A.], 1995

Select Teaching & Lecture Highlights:

Bochum Symphony Symposium, 2018 [Germany]
Tabakalera International Center for Contemporary Culture, San Sebastian 2016 [Spain]
NYUAD, New York University at Abu Dhabi, Workshop, 2015 [U.A.E.]
Dutch Art Institute: ‘Trans colonialism’, 2015 [Netherlands]
University of California at Santa Cruz, Improvisation workshop, 2012 [U.S.A.]
Clandestino Institute, Göteborg, 2011 [Sweden]
Strom Festival RedBull Improvisation Workshop, Copenhagen, 2011 [Denmark]



R.A. " is dedicated to a new, urgent, improvisational & functional music existing wholly in the 21st ct while embracing all that has come before (umpth to 1st generational). Craft's 'AfroAmerican'-Viking futurism and Mutamassik's Italicized-Egyptian roots draw bridges between MEMPHIS, USA and MEMPHIS, AFRICA........picking up frequencies from Unseen Forces.

Raw, visceral, blazing new trails in sound....stay open to receive messages.

"This is the new hard-core grit-prov that brings fire to electronic music" MUSIC TO INCITE/INSIGHT

CONCERTS & VENUES: Seperately & Together these two have gigged extensively around N.Y.C. and beyond, including: Brooklyn Academy of Music/ Knitting Factory/ Tonic/ Joe's Pub/ Brooklyn Anchorage/ Central Park Summerstage/ CBGB's/ Webster Hall/ Symphony Space/ Bottom Line/ Aaron Davis Hall/ Basement Bhangra/ Konkrete Jungle/ the Cooler/ Nell's/ Village Underground/ Lincoln Center/ Makor/ Bowery Ballroom/ The Tunnel/ SoundLab(Haus of Ouch, Dragon Park, Frying Pan, The Power Plant, etc)/Massmoca/ Richmond Museum of Art/...

INTERNATIONAL shows include: Serpentine Galleries-London/ Jazz Em Agosto Festival- Portugal / Queen Elizabeth Hall- London/ Jenaguru Festival- Harare, Zimbabwe/ Transmusicales Festival- Rennes, France/ DNK - Amsterdam / Clandestino Festival- Sweden / BellworkBelluard Art Festival- Friburg, Switzerland/ FujifilmWorld Music Festival- Istanbul, Turkey/ WOMEX- Stockholm, Sweden/ Natjazz Festival- Bergen,Norway/ Link- Bologna, Italy/ Virgin Megastore & Bidoun- Dubai, U.A.E./ Cafe de la danse(Belles Nuits du Ramadan), RadioNova & Divan du Monde- Paris, France/ Beursschouwburg- Brussels, Belgium/ Beit el Harrawi, Cairo Opera House, Cairo Jazz Club, Nile Sat. T.V, Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival, 1st edition Cairo, Egypt. Rough Americana European tour w/ Marc Ribot's Mystery Trio/ Thessaloniki-Greece, Sardegna/ SWR- Baden Baden/ Cafe Oto, London/ Strom Festival-Copenhagen/ 1st edition Downtown Cairo Arts Festival- Egypt/ STEIM, OCCII Amsterdam/ Stadtgarten, Cologne/ NYUAD, Abu Dhabi...